Road Safety Products

We offer a wide gamut of road safety products that are available with various kinds of benefits. They are used on roads, flyovers, undergrounds and have high resistance against various impacts and weather conditions like, UV, bad temperature, moisture etc. We provide those kinds of products that have both day-times as well as night-time benefits. The range of road safety products we offer is:
Road Hump
Rubber and plastic Speed Breakers - Rumbllers

We offer road humps that are used to slow down the motorists and not to deter their passage. It helps to control traffic speeds by threatening severe discomfort to the driver and can even cause a problem if one crosses them at a high speed. We offer such kind o road humps that are convenient in crossing and are not smooth:

1.Available with yellow and black color, which enhances visibility
2.Speed bumpers are designed for proper drainage

Our range of speed bumps and rumbler's are made from superior quality rubber. These humps are highly resistant to various impacts and brutal weather conditions. The modular and compact design makes them easy to install. We have affixed night vision reflectors and glass metals on both sides of humps.

Spring Post
A flexible spring post for road medians

We offer spring posts are made of made of high quality, special flexible materials. In case there is a collision between two vehicles then it can quickly restore its original state without doing any damage to the vehicle.
The high reflective sheet that is pasted on it provides an excellent visibility during dark and bad weather conditions .We offer these spring posts as per our clients’ specification also.
Epoxy and Chemical Resistant Coating
Road Safety products for contractors, builders and construction industries

Road Stud
Offering Road Studs, Median Markers, Reflective cateyes of 3M, 3W etc

We offer high quality road studs that are used for sharp curved roads for road safety. These road studs can be applied for busy traffic intersections; coastal areas, foggy weather, dangerous and sharp road bends; airport guidance light, hilly areas fly-over; and four-lane highways. They have night-time benefits as they help in improving driving awareness. They are even used in complexes with underground parking, hotels, hospitals, shopping mall etc.

Chemical Resistant Coating

Crash Barriers 
plastic water - silica sand filled barricading system

We offer an exclusive range of safety barriers that are superior in strength and quality. The barriers are designed and built in 2 different sizes and can be used in a variety of security applications like physical security, crowd control, or recreational use, These portable barricades are lightweight and extremely easy to transport so the can be used for quick deployment and recovery.
Chemical Resistant Coating

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